Welcome to Forest Marseille.
A restaurant with a sensitive and solar cuisine that takes you on a multi-sensory journey through nature, creativity and sharing.

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Forest is a restaurant with a sensitive and instinctive cuisine that offers a multi-sensory journey through nature, creativity and sharing.

With Forest Marseille, Julien Sebbag opens himself to the nature of the South of France. In his cuisine, the most beautiful fish of the Mediterranean and all the treasures of seafood are found. A wild spirit tinged with his travels, those spent in the Middle East, as well as in the South of Spain, all blending together in Marseille with a true naturalness.

The menu

Self-taught chef of a sensitive, sometimes crazy cuisine, with Mediterranean tones, Julien Sebbag strives to create responsible recipes, always respecting seasonality. 

After opening Forest Paris, a "post-apocalyptic bunker where we try to preserve the memory of nature", the chef settled in Marseille, found his refuge, and reconnected with the city. "Marseille inspires authenticity and fragility. The encounters, the freshness, the flavors, the omnipresent nature give birth to new vibrations and ideas. All this resonates with me. 

With Forest Marseille, Julien Sebbag invites you to a new cooking experience, always made with the heart, instinctive. A cuisine without clichés, that loves its local products, its craftsmanship, and reflects the different facets of Marseille's culture."

Between land and sea, turned towards the Mediterranean, the restaurant Forest Marseille invites itself in the district of La Joliette. An authentic and modern Marseille, a few minutes walk from the Panier district, and close to the Old Port. 

The decor of Forest Marseille is the solar counterpart of Forest Paris. A world in love with the warmth and authenticity of the South.

In the multiple Mediterranean blue alcoves, the Uchronia collective creates happy and confidential atmospheres. Ravel pottery, a reference in ceramics from Aubagne, curiosity objects, shells, corals and butterfly collections dress the place. And at the table, the plates imagined by the ceramist Emmanuelle Roule, achieve the perfect fusion of art and material.

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