Welcome to Forest Paris

The loving and Mediterranean food of young chef Julien Sebbag:
Welcome to Forest - the new post-modern refuge installed at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris.

The menuBook

"Forest is my haven for experimentation. The kitchen has become my idea laboratory, I need to have fun in it and get the whole team to collaborate in the development of new recipes."

Julien Sebbag

The menu

Self-taught chef of a sensitive and sometimes crazy cuisine, with Mediterranean tones, Julien Sebbag strives to conceive responsible recipes, always respecting the seasonality.

Forest, a brutalist refuge - Conceived as a refuge in the heart of the hyper-city, the restaurant of the Museum of Modern Art in Paris takes on the air of a brutalist den, combining concrete textures, creeping vegetation and a muffled décor under the direction of the Uchronia studio.

From the vast summer terrace to the winter cocoon of the interior, one can easily navigate, coiled up in this urban refuge and the small signature dishes of Forest take us to new sensations.

Every day, the walls of the Forest restaurant come alive with a moving, phantasmagorical plant fresco.
Welcome to a psyche-digital forest, a hybrid place. You can enjoy a precious and comforting food, cradled in a dreamlike atmosphere.

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